Maximize Revenue, Simplify Collections

Radix Revenue Intelligence & Recovery platform empowers healthcare providers rate data powered plug-and-play solutions to boost revenue.

Our simple motto: raw data is nice, data-driven solutions are better.

We roll-up our sleeves to help in your transition to the new era of healthcare: a level playing field with payors.

Unlock the power of price transparency

Accessing commercial rate reimbursement data is only half the battle. Using it to drive real outcomes for your business is something else entirely. That's where we come in.

Payor Negotiations

Pragmatic, actionable tools to understand market and competitor rates by payor, geography, code and more.

Business Growth

Fuel and shortcut your M&A and De Novo growth strategies with critical insights: rate data at your fingertips.

Revenue Recovery

The out of network process is stacked against providers. Radix's intelligent automation solutions put you in pole position.


Where does Radix get its rate data?
What integrations does Radix offer?

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