Revenue Intelligence

Take the guesswork out of reimbursement. Capture your opportunities and position yourself for growth.

Data is nice, solutions are better

Price transparency data is complicated. Providers need to focus on delivering care to their patients. That's where we come in. Rather than wasting days and weeks crunching numbers, Radix provides you with immediately actionable insights and reports out of the box.

Benchmark to markets

Take the guesswork out of negotiations and strategic planning. Understand, plan, win.

Payor Negotiations
De Novo Opportunity Assessments

Benchmark to competitors

Assess M&A opportunities and competitive dynamics at the click of a button.

Competitive Analyses
M&A Diligence

Chart your growth

Understand a market and all the players in seconds. On your phone in meetings, or in the hands of strategic planners - use the advent of rate transparency to your advantage.

Business Development Support
M&A Sourcing

How else can Radix help your business?

Revenue Recovery

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